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Civilization5 Brave New World add-on announced! Follow our downloads section!
Написал Administrator   
Saturday, 16 March 2013
Firaxis and CivPlayers.Ru have announced the second expansion pack for their life-destroying 4X strategy Civilization V. Brave New World not only increases the number of leaders, scenarios and wonders for budding empire builders to play with, but looks set to drastically overhaul two key areas of the game: Culture and Diplomacy. This is particularly great news for anyone who’s spent hours attempting to cajole Civ V’s fickle rulers.

A World Congress will let you create and vote on resolutions – imposing trade sanctions on rogue nations, capping resource usage, electing a host for the “World Games”, and setting rules for the use of nuclear weapons. Of course, ideology will only be a small part of a nation’s decision: vote trading and intrigue are both required for a successful resolution. Firaxis say this will also provide a new path to the Diplomatic Victory.

Speaking of victory conditions, there’s a new one: Culture Victory. It sounds like a more active prospect than the Cultural Victory path. Here you must spread your culture far and wide, using Great Writers, Artists and Musicians to create masterpieces that will prove your dominance in the arts. You’ll also have access to archaeologists to investigate ancient battle grounds and ruined cities for rare artifacts.

The other big change is the introduction of international trade routes, letting you spread your cities’ produce by land and sea. Not only can you send goods to other civilisations, but also to other cities within your own empire – sending aid to cities that are lacking the raw resources. And trade routes expand into other areas of the game, with science, religion and culture also taking a trip on your caravans.

In addition to all that, Brave New World will bring nine new leaders, eight world wonders, new Industrial Age ideologies, and scenarios covering the American Civil War and the colonial push into Africa.

In the hope of gleaning some state secrets, Evan sat down for a peace accord with Firaxis’ Lead Designer Ed Beach and Senior Producer Dennis Shirk.

PCG: What’s a new Civilization that contributes a new playing style? Can you describe this playing style?

Firaxis: Poland’s trait is called Solidarity, and they receive a free Social Policy when they advance into each new era. Poland gave us the opportunity design a Civ with extremely strong mounted units in the Medieval-Renaissance era. When you see the bonus for the Winged Hussar, it should give players a lot of flexibility in terms of changing the way a battle unfolds tactically. Since their Civ trait is extremely flexible, I think Poland is an effective Civ for a wide variety of victories.

How are International Trade Routes formed?

Firaxis: Trade Routes are established between two cities of different civilizations using trade route units like the Caravan or Cargo Ship. Although both parties gain gold from the route, the civilization that the trade route originates from gets a larger sum of gold than the destination civilization. Additionally, other systems hitch a ride on trade routes, like religious pressure, science (science can be gained from more advanced civilization this way), Tourism bonuses, and more.

Trade routes can also be created between two cities of the same civilization. Once the origin city has a Granary, it can send food to the destination city, and once it has a Workshop it can send production. This can be powerful if you have a new city that needs to be “pumped up”, or a city that’s constructing a Wonder that could use a production bump.

Will masterpieces created by Great People be named? e.g., Will you be able to create the Mona Lisa?

Firaxis: Yes they will! We’ll be talking more about those soon.

Does the World Congress vote by majority? When are measures voted upon?

Firaxis: A resolution doesn’t always have to receive majority support. Sometimes a resolution can pass with a single delegate supporting it, as long as there are no delegates voting “no”. The way the process works is the Congress is founded, typically in the Renaissance, by the first player that has discovered all other civilizations. The founding civilization becomes the Congress’s host and receives special benefits, like the ability to propose resolutions.

After the first resolutions are proposed, there’s a countdown until the Congress convenes, which will give you time to get allies on your side before the Congress votes on the proposed resolutions. The process then begins again, with the proposal of resolutions. There are quite a few resolutions that can be voted on. You can vote to outlaw the trade of certain luxury resources, sanction rogue nations economically, start a worldwide project like the World’s Fair, and much more. You can use it to slow down a Civ who is running away to victory, or really put a major rival at a disadvantage.

Civilization V Brave New World is due out this Summer for a suggested price of $29.99
XCOM Enemy Unknown League starting!
Написал Administrator   
Monday, 15 October 2012

Dear members of CivNetwork!

Everyone who plays civ5 on our servers now can try another game:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Just download it

Then connect our VPN and go LAN games in XCOM game.

 Guide how to connect (just skip first step and install CivNetwork) 

Version now available in Downloads
Написал Administrator   
Sunday, 15 July 2012

[ENG] Download links are updated:

There are small fix, full patch and Complete Edition for version

[RUS] Обновлены все ссылки:

Доступны небольшой апдейт с 674 до 705, полный патч и Complete Edition для версии
Civilization 5 Gods & Kings released
Написал Administrator   
Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Visit and start torrent download.

 To make it work in Multiplayer:
1. Download this CivNetwork installation file . Hit Run in next window. 
2. Perform quick install following instructions, then launch CivNetwork from desktop shortcut or from list of programs
In chat click Push metric and then click Connect, then go civ5 LOCAL NETWORK games list.

FAQ look here.


Зайдите по ссылке и начните закачку с помощью торрента.

Чтобы заработала сетевая игра:
1. Скачайте вот этот файл установки CivNetwork  . В открывшемся окне жмите Запустить.
2. Следуйте инструкциям инсталлятора.
Потом запустите CivNetwork с ярлыка на рабочем столе или из списка программ.
Там жмите PushMetric, а потом Connect, запускайте цив5 и смотрите игры в Локальной Сети.

*Для игроков из России требуется активация аккаунта. 

Civilization 5 Gods & Kings kick-off
Написал Administrator   
Monday, 18 June 2012

This thread following all information about upcoming update for Civilization 5 - Gods & Kings:

Report of the month: April 2012
Написал Administrator   
Wednesday, 02 May 2012

Hello civers!

Another month gone and time to do month report:

Best players:

1. csomor won 3 tournaments,  was ranked 1st for 13 games in tiebreaker. 

2.  Mucha90 took 3 MVP (wins, streak and duel) and 10th place in rankings,  was in final in 12th weekly duel tourney.  

Best newcomers:

1. Toxa174, won 4 games to 1 loss, took 14th place in rankings 

Comeback of the month: MrGameTheory

Games of the month:


1. (good battles vs serone)

2. (good battles vs Mucha90)


1. (Ruler of G-Spot domination)

2. (good battles in begin)

Teamer - (2v2 tourney game, LaParca / mbobos won vs Mucha90 / Joker)

If we missed something, feel free to write about it in forum thread:

Live from PAX East 2012! Civilization V: Gods & Kings coverage
Написал Administrator   
Sunday, 08 April 2012

2k Games, our official partner, streamed and recorded Gods & Kings coverage.

Including replays of Civilization V interviews, gameplay, and more!

Civ5: Gods & Kings release date announced - June 19 2012
Написал Joker   
Friday, 06 April 2012



It's always exciting to announce a release date. It's one of those things that everyone asks for when they're looking forward to an upcoming game, ever hopeful that it's sooner than they fear, and I always have to encourage them to be patient and that the announcement will happen when we're ready. So when I finally get to announce it, I really enjoy it.

What's even more exciting than announcing a release date, however, is announcing a release date that is a mere 10 weeks away. That's right, Civilization V: Gods & Kings will be available in North America on June 19, and internationally on June 22!

CivPlayers.Ru promises non-Steam version on June 19-20, follow news and updates!

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