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Duel: Capmat09 (124) lost to Smarty (2).

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Welcome to the Official Civilization Players League!

   League CivPlayers.Ru - high-level organised player's community, uses best multiplayer gaming platform for Civilization V - CivNetwork.
   Regular tournament series. Our official partners are 2k Games, Firaxis Games, and Civfanatics.Com.
   Highly skilled Admin Team doing everything to make fun for every player who tried Civilization V multiplayer. No matter how player skilled - CivNetwork and CivPlayers.Ru League services will enforce everyone to take a new look at Civilization V multiplayer.

Посл. 5 ВОДов

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Civ5 Топ20 Рейтинг
1. Victorenus
2. Smarty
3. catt2006
4. RobertBob12
5. vicdoral
6. Lososik100
7. Noric
8. BloodyBakala
9. Nejdan4ik
11. Liege3
12. industradamus
13. De_Mentor
14. FatCat
15. Kur_zaz
16. Zateinik
17. Barsolino
18. Parallax253
19. AnarhoTurist
20. Deutslap
Civ5 Топ5 % Побед
1.  morillas
2.  BlackVendigo
3.  csomor
4.  Rigden
5.  Black_Shark
Civ5 Топ5 Серия побед
1.  makemefunny
2.  morillas
3.  Victorenus
5.  Rider
CivPlayers.Ru VPN server launched and working!
Написал Administrator   
Tuesday, 30 November 2010

 0. Before installation recommended:
- Turn off all antiviruses and firewalls .
- Remove all other VPN (Hamachi, Tunngle etc.), if they are exist.
 1. Download full version (Complete Edition) from 
this page ->  Run Setup.exe.
*!!! Old versions before banned! You need to check your version before start playing games! Look your version at bottom of civ5 main menu! (any version from our downloads section is recommended) .
2. Multiplayer games available in LOCAL NETWORK. (Main Menu -> Multiplayer -> LOCAL NETWORK).  
3. If you get any problem, read this -> Manual troubleshoot
4. Read few advices for new players



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