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if you have any questions, you might find the answer here

You are new to the CivPlayers league? You have questions on what this is all about? You need help with a specific problem?

Ways to get an answer

If you have a common question or problem that occurs more often and was already answered or solved, you may find the answer here in our FAQ - sometimes questions even answer themselves by reading our 'rules' section in the main menu. Be sure that you read this FAQ and our rules carefully before you contact an admin for help. Just click on a question to show the answer.

Signup and activation
  • I just want to play a good game. Why do I need to register myself?
  • The singup is not working, if I use the signup link it says 'The league is invite only'.
  • If I try to singup, it says that I'm banned from the league. What did I do wrong?
  • Is the membership and signup for free or do I need to pay for your services?
  • I signed up already but my name does not show anywhere. What is the problem?
  • I did not receive an activation E-mail. Can I activate my account otherwise?
  • I can't use my name to sign up during registration. Is it blocked?
Member account
  • I can't login to my account. Was it deleted?
  • I forgot my password. Can I have a new one?
  • My account got hacked or someone stole my password. What can I do?
  • I don't like my username anymore. Can I change it?
  • I moved to another E-mail povider, can I change my E-mail address somewhere?
  • I'd like to leave the league. Can I have all my stuff removed?
League concerns
  • How do I know that games are ranked ladder games?
Skill system
  • What skill system do you use for ranking players?
  • I always got 4 reports from a 4v4 team game. Now I only got 1 report, did I do something wrong?
  • There is a RD value beside my skill. What does it mean?
  • Wow, I got a really big skill boost from my first game. Is that ok?
  • I placed 2nd in a 5 player CTON but still got a win for that match. Is that correct?
  • I only gained a few skill points from my last team game even though most players on the other team were higher skilled. Why is that?
  • Why did my RD value increase after a match and not decrease how it should be?
- Technical support

Not all of our admins are tech gurus, some questions may be just too technical and can only be answered by some special admins or by the programmer. To make it easier for you and the staff to track down technical issues like website errors, warnings or layout problems you can send in a 'tech support ticket' which will be answered once the appropriate person is available.

You need to be logged in to send a support ticket, please use the login form on the left main menu to authenticate yourself.

- Other support

You did not find your answer in the FAQs? OK, let's see how we can get it sorted. The most important thing, you can always contact any staff member of CivPlayers directly if you have questions or problems, the easiest way to do so is ...

  • Contact someone in game lobby
  • There are plenty of CivPlayers' members in lobby at any time of the day. If your questions are of easy nature, you can simply ask any league member for help, most of them will try to help solve your problem or at least show you a way to get your answers. If you see someone with a tag like [C3PAdmin], [C3PHTD], [C3PTD] or [C3PHelper] just go ahead and send them a private message, those people are staff members of CivPlayers and will be happy to guide and help you. A good tool to use is the gamespy arcade client, using pm might be the easiest and fastest way to get in contact with our staff, but since even admins need some sleep from time to time, you might want to try to ...
  • Use the 'contact admin' section on the right side menu
  • You can send a request to us with every question or problem on your mind, we will be glad to help you. Your request will be send to a mailroom that every admin has access too, since our staff contains people from nearly every major time zone, your request will be processed as soon as possbile. Another way to get in contact is ...
  • Write an E-mail to any admin
  • If you already talked to a staff member and he knows about your story, but you forgot the E-mail address or it's easier to get it sorted with the same admin you started with, you might want to have a look at the 'admin list' in the main menu. All admins are listed there together with their E-mail address and their instant messenger id, feel free to contact anyone personally - mostly, if your problem is really tricky, the admin will forward your case to all other admins for a detailed review anyway.
- Icon explanations

You saw some icons or graphics on the page and you don't know what they mean? No problem, here is a list of the most commonly used icons and their exact meaning.

  • Rank change icons
  • Due to recently played games or rank movement of other players you climbed in rank lately.
    Even though you might have played lately your current ranking did not change, maybe you did not gain enough skill or the surrounding players performed accordingly.
    Because you lost matches lately or other players overtaking you in skill when winning you fell down in ranks recently.
  • RD stability indicators
  • Your skill is highly accurate and reflects your actual strength very well. Your RD value is low and makes your skill somewhat stable, big skill gains or losses will be most unlikely.
    Your expected performance compared to others is fairly well measured and your skill value is somewhat reliable. You have a rather low RD value and thus a rather stable skill although wins and losses against players with a much higher/lower skill will still get you quite some skill gain/loss.
    With your moderate RD value the system is not really sure how accurate your actual skill reflects your real strength, but it still assumes that you rather perform as expected. So playing against other members with a huge gap in skill compared to you will get you some more skill points.
    Your skill seems to be somewhat inaccurate which is reflected by your fairly high RD value. Your achievement in games might differ quite often from your expected performance, therefor your skill will change desperately and you'll be able to win (lose) skill quickly.
    You seem to be new to the league and have not played many games yet or you had a rather long break, so the system is unsure about your strength and your skill value is highly inaccurate. Your next games will bring you a relatively high skill gain/loss to get you to your real skill level rather rapidly.
  • Other used icons
  •   This member owns a premium membership and has access to limited access areas. If you want to know more about our premium membership program please visit the dedicated section in the main menu.
    After winning at least 5 games in a row you'll get this icon displayed in your player details indicating that you are on a 'hot' winning streak.
    If you lost more than 5 games in a row this icon is shown in your player details showing that you are on a 'cold' loosing streak.
    This medal is being rewarded to long time premium members, the medal and a number for the amount of years will also be shown within your player's details page.
    In addition to the regular tournament statistics this trophy together with the number of won tournaments will be display in the player details of premium members who won at least one tournament.
    This player is suspended right now or has a bad reporting behaviour, suspended players are not allowed to participate in any league match or event.
    This league member is a CivPlayers sponsor and has contributed financially to keep this place up and running. To show our gratitude these members have the icon displayed in there player details.
    A member decorated with such an award has become a monthly 'Most Valuable Player' in the given category, the tagged award is shown in the player details.
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