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CTON: Final Standings - 1. marius81 (258), 2. bluemars (169), 3. Victorenus (4). Game comment

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Welcome to the Official Civilization Players League!

   League CivPlayers.Ru - high-level organised player's community, uses best multiplayer gaming platform for Civilization V - CivNetwork.
   Regular tournament series. Our official partners are 2k Games, Firaxis Games, and Civfanatics.Com.
   Highly skilled Admin Team doing everything to make fun for every player who tried Civilization V multiplayer. No matter how player skilled - CivNetwork and CivPlayers.Ru League services will enforce everyone to take a new look at Civilization V multiplayer.

Last 5 recorded games

CTON: Final Standings - 1. x7bax7ba (117), 2. AnarhoTurist (89), 3. DooMShadoW (44), 4. ghostcrow008 (411). Game comment Video!

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Civ5 Top20 Rank
1. makemefunny
2. MachuPicchu
3. Andrey0908
4. Gawin
5. jonnyking
6. johnyboy69
7. Ringo
8. Mario1987
9. Victorenus
10. tigerGT
11. amster55
12. Capuchino_O
13. De_Mentor
15. Vitaliy
16. Deag1e
17. Mangol
18. Komyak
19. XXLAlex
20. dnom1t
Civ5 Top5 Win %
1.  morillas
2.  BlackVendigo
3.  csomor
4.  Rigden
5.  ArdanPL
Civ5 Top5 Streak
1.  makemefunny
2.  morillas
3.  Rider
4.  Dreams
5.  MachuPicchu
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